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*All food items do contain soy/milk/garlic/shellfish and prepared with peanuts .





Pounded Yam
mashed yam into single serving
$11.99 W/option of any stew or okra

Wheat Fufu
wheat/ oats mashed into single serving
$11.99 W/option of any
stew or okra

Cassava  boiled and mashed into single serving
$11.99 W/option of any stew or okra

Sauteed' FISH (Spicy)
Tomatoes , green peppers ,onions , southern suya seasonings well blended then sauteed with tilapia Fish.
$8.99 w/side $12.99

Designer stew (Spicy)
Suya Spices, tomatoes, red & green peppers, beef, cow foot, tripe, chicken gizzard mixed together. This spicy mix simmered for hours until just right for you.  $12.99

Vegetable Stew

A healthy mix of spinach, collard greens and smoked fish with a little spice. $2.99

Beef Suya
Premium Brisket marinated in Southern Suya seasonings for 24 hours, grilled then chopped and served with onion and light Suya Pepper. $10.00 w/side $12.99

Chicken Suya (Spicy)
All white meat chicken quarters marinated overnight in Southern Suya signature Suya seasonings, then grilled and topped with light season rub.  $5.00 w/ side $8.99

Pepper Chicken (spicy)
Marinated over night topped with fresh onions , bell peppers , then sauteed with light seasonings drilled over fried chicken thighs and legs.

$5.99 w/Side $9.99

Pepper Goat (Spicy)
For hours our bone in goat is broiled with black pepper and white pepper seasonings. Then sauted in a Southern Suya style vegetable mix of green and red peppers.
$9.99 w/ side $13.99

Sharwarma (mild)
Sliced lamb or chicken, cole slaw wrapped in A fajita. Also served with lightly seasoned potato wedges. Lamb $9.99  Chicken $7.99

Supreme Shawarma
Beef hotdog, chicken and lamb w/ cole slaw wrapped in a Fajita. Paired w/ lightly seasoned potato wedges $11.99


Fried Rice 
Suya Seasoned carrots and peas mixed with steamed white rice
and stir fried together. $5.00

Coconut Rice
Coconut juice and light onions steamed together with white rice. $2.99

Jollof Rice
White rice simmered for hours with well blended tomatoes, bay leaf and suya seasonings. $5.00

Potato wedges fried, crisp, made at time of order.

Fresh plantains picked weekly from Ga farmers markets. Fried to a dark rich coloring for an ultimate sweet taste. $1.99